Through our four rice mills IDP expects to purchase paddy from more than 100,000 farmers in the country, and we recognize our responsibilities to professionally manage the process, whilst also recognizing and upholding the strong traditions of the Lao rice- growing community.
The ability of our mills to economically process the paddy into premium rice is of significant benefit to the farming community, and this efficiency is reflected in the prices we are able to offer.
Our experienced technicians play an important role in providing advice, assistance and training, particularly in promoting organic, sustainable cultivation as a means of improving income.
Through our investment in the industry, we have created new opportunities for younger generations, both within IDP itself, and by demonstrating the earnings potential that efficient quality rice production can generate.
IDP also has its own farm area for seed and rice production trials that offers employment opportunities, as well as acting as a source of information and advice for the improvement of farming efficiencies.